Puddle Jumpers

The Lund Community Society

With Lund being the best place in the world to raise children, it seems only natural that we would start their education here, supported by the community and taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings.  Lund Puddlejumpers Preschool began in 2010, after months of planning and visioning workshops to develop a preschool that would fit the Lund community.  Families came together to develop goals for the preschool, our guiding principles:

  • To provide an opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s first educational experience.
  • To inspire and nurture appreciation of the natural world and foster a personal environmental ethic.
  • To foster the total development of each child through a blend of traditional play based preschool standards and environmental education.
  • To provide a safe, secure, developmentally appropriate and stimulating environment.

With the support of the Lund Community Society, we were able meet licencing requirements and hire a teacher.  Over the years we have expanded to run three days a week from 9:00-1:00, with an average of 18 children enrolled at any time.  

Alisha Van Belle is our much beloved teacher, who runs a creative program in which all the children are encouraged and involved. The children spend much of their time outside, exploring the garden, listening to stories in the living willow igloo, and taking field trips to local beaches, rivers and farms.  

The preschool is such a success because of the many parents who contribute to the program.  As a cooperative preschool, parents take an active role in their children's education, assisting as duty parents in the classroom about once a month.  The administrative roles are also shared among the parents, who act as registrar, treasurer, playground improvement coordinator, fundraising coordinator and many other positions. 

Each year adds new families with new skills to share, and each year sees the preschool and playground grow into the amazing program we see today.  

Contact puddlejumperspreschool@yahoo.ca to see about volunteer opportunities or to enroll your child.